Function: kronprod - Kronecker product of matrices and/or vectors

Calling sequence:


A, B, ... - matrices, vectors or lists


This function computes the Kronecker product (outer product) of vectors and matrices.

If all arguments are vectors or lists, the result is a vector, otherwise it is a matrix. Vectors are considered to be column vectors. For the row vector corresponding to vector or list v , use transpose(v) . Thus for the outer product of vectors u and v in the form of a matrix with rows corresponding to the entries of v and columns corresponding to the entries of u , use kronprod(transpose(u), v) .

In general each row of the result corresponds to a choice of a row from each of the arguments, and each column of the result corresponds to a choice of a column from each of the arguments.

This function is part of the Maple Advisor Database library, and must be loaded before use by the command readlib(kronprod); .


> readlib(kronprod):

> kronprod(transpose([a,b]),[c,d]);

[Maple Math]

> kronprod([a,b],[c,d]);

[Maple Math]

> kronprod(matrix([[a,b],[c,d]]),matrix([[e,f,g],[h,i,j]]));

[Maple Math]

> kronprod([a,b],[c,d],[e,f]);

[Maple Math]

See also:

matrix , tensor(prod) , transpose , vector

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