My research interests

I have been working on Representation theory of p-adic groups and motivic integration (these interests started with my Ph.D. under the direction of Thomas C. Hales at the University of Michigan ). Recently, I started getting interested in the Trace Formula and its applications.

Papers and Preprints

Motivic integration in representation theory

Here are some older papers by my advisor and others showing that various constructions arising in representation theory of p-adic groups can be expressed geometrically (for almost all p) by means of motivic integration. The most spectacular application of this approach so far is the transfer priciple for the Fundamental Lemma. These papers use the theory of motivic integration developed by J. Denef, F. Loeser and R. Cluckers. There is also a different (though related) theory of motivic integration, developed by E. Hrushovski and D. Kazhdan. Here are some related papers (a very incomplete list):

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Since 2006, my research has been supported by NSERC.