MATH 200: Multivariable calculus, the common website.
Winter Term 2 2017/18

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Exams and Marking

Course mark will be based on the Homework Webwork (10%), five in-class quizzes (15%), one common midterm exam (25%), and the final exam (50%). The midterm will be on Tuesday February 13th at 6:30pm. Rooms will be section-specific (please see below). The final exam will cover the entire course. The midterm and the final exam will be common between all sections, and marked jointly. No calculators, electronic communication devices, books, notes or aids of any kind will be allowed for exams. Students are required to bring ID to all exams.


  • All exams are closed book, but you can bring 1 formula sheet written on both sides. Calculators will not be permitted.
  • Missing a midterm results in a score of 0, except with prior consent of the instructor or with a doctor's note. In these latter cases, you will be allowed to take a make-up midterm; dates and times of make-up midterms will be announced later. If you anticipate having a valid conflict with the announced midterm time, please send an e-mail to If you fail to notify the Instructor-in-charge of a conflict via this e-mail before February 12, you may not be allowed to take the make-up exam, and your score will be 0.
  • Each Webwork assignment generally closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday (occasionally, Tuesday or Thursday) night (please look at the dates carefully in case there are some deviations). No extensions are possible.
  • If for any reason you have to miss the final exam, it is the university-wide policy that you need to apply for "standing deferred" status through your faculty. Missed finals are not handled by the instructors or the Mathematics Department.

  • Homework

    Getting help


  • You can use Wolfram Alpha -- it is a wonderful tool for plotting graphs of functions of two variables, for example. If you want to visualize, for example, the surface x^2+xy-y^2+3z=0, just type in "plot (x^2+xy-y^2+3z=0)". A note about Webwork and Wolfram Alpha: there will be many problems in Webwork which require thinking and which Wolfram Alpha cannot do; for the more mechanical ones that it can do, if you just use the software and copy the answers, it detracts from your learning. You might get a few extra points for the webwork problem, but you'll certainly lose much more on the exam for not having that skill. So use this great software to your advantage (to help you visualize the objects we study, and to learn), not to your disadvantage (to cheat on Webwork).
  • See review materials for the exams below the "Announcements" section on this website.
  • Math Learning Centre drop-in tutoring.


    Review materials for the Midterm

  • The list of topics .
  • Final from 2003, with solutions . Look *only* at problems 1 and 2.
  • Midterm 1 for Math 263, 2005. (Ignore Problem 2).
  • Midterm 1 from 2007. (Ignore Problem 2).
  • Midterm 1 from 2012 (this one was too easy, though -- you can expect a slightly harder exam this year and it will cover more).
  • Midterm 1 from 2013 with solutions (ours will cover more -- see below for selected problems from Midterm 2 from the same year).
  • Midterm 2 from 2013 with solution (only look at problems 1(a)(b), (c) and 3).
  • Midterm from 2015 (with solution)
  • You can see the past final exams for Math 200 at The Department website . Here is the list of relevant problems from some of these exams: You can also use the other exams picking out the problems on relevant topics in the same spirit as above. (Please do NOT get scared by things we have not yet covered and email me about it though).

    (Approximate) week-by-week course outline

    Chapter numbers are from Apex Calculus unless otherwise specified. Please note that this is only an approximate outline; it may be updated as the course progresses. Please also check the individual sections' websites for more specific information about your lectures. Some illustrations and supplemental materials may be posted below the description of a week's lectures, please keep checking.