APMA 990 Final Report: Using Wavelet Compression for Music Signals

Colin Macdonald, 05/04/2002


Example Signals

Here are the three test signals discussed in presentation: The compression examples:
note: sorry these files have been removed due to disk usage concerns. please contact me if you would like to hear this files.
Filename Compression Level
winter_original.wav uncompressed winter.zip
all the .wav files
winter_compress50.wav 50%
winter_compress65.wav 65%
winter_compress75.wav 75%
winter_compress85.wav 85%
winter_compress95.wav 95%
learning_original.wav uncompressed learning.zip
all the .wav files
learning_compress50.wav 50%
learning_compress65.wav 65%
learning_compress75.wav 75%
learning_compress85.wav 85%
learning_compress95.wav 95%
jeremy_original.wav uncompressed jeremy.zip
all the .wav files
jeremy_compress50.wav 50%
jeremy_compress65.wav 65%
jeremy_compress75.wav 75%
jeremy_compress85.wav 85%
jeremy_compress95.wav 95%
[Disclaimer: these songs are not complete so unless you are interested in wavelets don't waste your bandwidth downloading these. I also own all these CDs, perhaps you shouldn't download unless you do too, etc, etc: if you are a lawyer who has nothing better to do then harass grad students i suggest that you go here (www.eff.org) and decide if you are fighting the good fight.]

More Information

The songs were losslessly obtained from the original CDs using cdr (mikehardy.net/cdr/) which is, among other things, a front end to a ripping utility known as paranoia (www.xiph.org/paranoia/). This produced 44.1KHz, 16 bit, stereo .wav files. I used sox (sox.sourceforge.net) to average the left and right channels to obtain a mono signal. This resulted in the "original" signals above. All other processing was done in Matlab (for more information try "help wavread" and "help wavwrite").