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 Registration Issues


The University's online registration system can do many wonderful things, but some situations call for help from a living human being. To learn what to expect, take a quick look at the material below, and then browse the Frequently Asked Questions on our Undergraduate Advising page.

Expert Intervention

Registration in undergraduate Mathematics courses is overseen by the Department Undergraduate Chair. In exceptional circumstances, the Chair can override some of the rules built into UBC's online system. If you need to add a course or change sections for one of the reasons listed below, please submit your request using our advising web form, and please include the course and section#.

  1. UBC Requirements:  The course is required by your degree program and must be taken in the present term for technical reasons.
  2. Employment Responsibilities:  If you have a job that makes a timetable adjustment essential, you must have written documentation from your employer, on company stationery, outlining your work schedule. Please submit your request using our advising web form to arrange transfer of supporting documentation. (You may also be asked to produce the original.)
  3. Varsity Athletic Commitments:  If you are on a UBC Varsity team, you must have a letter from your coach, stating dates and times of commitments. Please submit your request using our advising web form to arrange transfer of supporting documentation. (You may also be asked to produce the original.)
  4. Inter-Subject Conflicts: The Mathematics Department rarely approves registration conflicts involving MATH courses. If you have a conflict between a math course and a course in some other subject, send details to Prof MacLean.


Every year, thousands of students take Math courses at UBC. This makes it impossible to deal with requests based primarily on personal preference. In situations like the following, students are expected to use the online system to make whatever changes may be possible.

  1. I want to be in the same section as a friend.
  2. I prefer a specific instructor.
  3. I want to optimize [or condense, or rearrange] my schedule.
  4. There are empty seats in the room.
    [Section sizes are not determined by the number of chairs/desks in the classroom. The Department determines the student/instructor ratio using other criteria.]
  5. My instructor has given permission, including my instructor has signed this official-looking form.
    [Individual Math instructors are not authorized to make registration changes.]

Prof MacLean may not reply at all to requests for intervention supported by reasons like these.

Dropping a Math Course?

UBC's online system makes it easy to drop a course yourself, provided you do so before the add-drop deadline. Dropping a course after the deadline is not completely impossible, if there are compelling reasons, but nobody in the Mathematics Department has the authority to complete such a transaction. Students in this situation should consult the Advising Office in their home faculty.