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 BA Mathematics Majors/Honours Programs

The Mathematics Department offers a large selection of courses in various areas of pure and applied mathematics which require various levels of mathematical sophistical. The Department offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) majors and honours programs in mathematics and in mathematics combined with another subject, such as economics, English, linguistics, music, or philosophy.

Students wishing to enter a BA majors or honours program in mathematics or in mathematics combined with another subject need to apply for admission. Students applying to be in any Mathematics Major/Combined Major/Honours program EXCEPT the Combined Major/Honours in Economics and Mathematics should complete the online application form at

Applicants to Combined programs should also consult the other department if its programs are not open to students for self-declaration. Completion of requirements will be confirmed before offers of Admission are made. Applications must be submitted by May 20 of the year you are applying. Decisions will be made by around the end of May, and students will be notified of admission decisions by email. Students who have recently transferred to UBC may be asked to apply only after completing their first term at UBC. Questions should be directed to

Note that students wishing to apply for programs that combine mathematics and economics need to apply through the Vancouver School of Economics. [ ]

Admission Requirements:

Students who choose Cr/D/F in any of the courses listed below in 2019 WT2 will still receive full consideration for admission to Mathematics. Admission will be based on your standing in these courses (Cr, D or Fail), and your available percent grades in other math courses. Depending on the data available, admissions may be conditional on satisfactory progress in the first term or year of the program.

Students applying for admission need to complete at least 27 credits by the end of 2019W and also meet the following requirements:

  1. 6 credits of first-year calculus equivalent to MATH 104 and 105;
  2. 3 credits that satisfy the Writing Component of the Research and Writing Requirement;
  3. One of MATH 200, 217, or 226;
  4. One of MATH 221 or 223;
  5. MATH 220 (students who complete MATH 226 are exempt from MATH 220);
  6. 3 credits of the Computing Requirement chosen from CPSC 110 or CPSC 103+107, or MATH 210. Note that students who have only completed CPSC 103 will be considered.

Selection is based on the average standing in all credits of post-secondary work attempted, with the exception that 12 credits of courses other than MATH courses may be excluded from the calculation. This average is calculated on at least 27 credits, including those courses listed in items 1 to 6 above.

Full details of the admission requirements can be found in the UBC Calendar [,197,282,93 ]

Students who have questions about mathematics programs should consult one of the Mathematics Department advisors, as listed on our advising webpage [ ]