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If you are having trouble registering for a Math Course, or the information here need to be updated, please contact the undergraduate chair via the Advising Contact Form. Do Not Contact an Academic Advisor for help with Registration Issues. They are to be contacted for Academic Advising only.

The Frequently Asked Questions below covers a wide range of common questions on a diverse set of topics. If your question is not in this FAQ and does not relate to registration issues, contact the appropriate individual on the Advisor Contact Information list below based on the nature of your inquiry.

The department holds an annual Mathematics Information Session in March and maintains a page of material and links that are discussed at the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advisor Contact Information

Advising roleNameOfficePhoneEmail*
Undergraduate ChairProf. Fok-Shuen LeungMATH 114Contact form
Chief AdvisorProf. Jim BryanMATH 226827-4515jbryan
2nd-5th year Non-MathProf. Christoph HauertMATH 234827-5822hauert
2nd year Honours (or combined honours)Prof. Jingyi ChenMATX 1212822-6695jychen
3rd year Honours (or combined honours)Prof. Josh ZahlMATH 117jzahl
4th year Honours (or combined honours)Prof. Josh ZahlMATH 117jzahl
2nd-4th year Majors/MinorsProf. Kai BehrendMATH 227822-1719behrend
Transfer of Credits & AP Exemptions AdvisorsProf. Brian WettonMATX 1107822-5784wettonMore info
Dual Degree Math/Ed (Education Advisor)Prof. Vinayak VatsalMATH 222C822-2237vatsal
Adjudication of graduating studentsProf. Kai BehrendMATH 227822-1719behrend
Adjudication of graduating studentsProf. Jim BryanMATH 226827-4515jbryan
Actuarial Advisor (main contact)Prof. Mathav MuruganMATX 1104822-6609mathav
Actuarial AdvisorProf. Richard AnsteeMATX 1114822-6105anstee
Co-op LiaisonProf. Vinayak VatsalMATH 222C822-2237vatsal
Putnam AdvisorProf. Dragos GhiocaMATX 1223822-5908dghioca

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