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2009 Past Mathematical Biology Seminars

January, 2009
Monday, January 12th Lisa Fauci - 3 pm in LSK 301 - IAM Colloquium
Tulane University
Understanding Swimming at Low Reynolds Numbers: Successes and Challenges
IAM seminar page
Thursday, January 15th Alex Mogilner - 2 pm in WMAX 216
UC Davis
Multi-scale mathematical modeling of motile keratocyte cells
Thursday, January 29th Pik-Yin Lai - 2 pm in WMAX 216
National Central University, Taiwan
Synchronization of cardiac cells growing in culture
February, 2009
Wednesday, February 4th David Drubin - 4:30 pm in WMAX 216
UC Berkeley
A mechanochemical model for endocytic vesicle formation
Prof Drubin is also giving a second talk on Thurs Feb 5 at 12:30 at the Cell & Physiology seminar series at LSC3
Monday, February 9th Robert Beardmore - 3 pm in LSK 301 - IAM Colloquium
Imperial College
IAM seminar page
Wednesday, February 11th Ivana Gudelj - 4 pm in AERL auditorium - EEB Colloquium
University of Bath
EEB seminar page
Thursday, February 12th Nessy Tania - 2 pm in WMAX 216
University of Utah
Mathematical models of calcium regulation in cardiac cells
Thursday, February 19th Anmar Khadra - 2 pm in WMAX 216
Humboldt University, Berlin
Investigating the role of IGRP-specific low avidity T cells in the protection against T1D
Thursday, February 26th Ned Wingreen - 4 pm in Hennings 201
Princeton University
Modeling adaptation in E. coli chemotaxis: precise, robust, and optimized
Physics Colloquium
March, 2009
Thursday, March 19th Eldon Emberly - 2 pm in WMAX 216
Simon Fraser University
Optimization of Mutual Information in Genetic Networks
Friday, March 27th Diabetes Double Bill: - 3pm-4.30pm in WMAX 216
Vipul Periwal
Dynamics of Adipose Tissue Growth
Will Heuett
Modeling Metabolism in Pancreatic Beta-Cell Mitochondria

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