UBC Probability Seminar 2012-2013

Organizer: Ori Gurevich / Daniel Valesin

Past Talks

Sep 5
Roland Bauerschmidt (UBC)
Finite range decomposition of Gaussian fields
Sep 12
Mathew Folz (UBC)
Volume growth and stochastic completeness of graphs
Sep 19
Balazs Rath (UBC)
On the supercritical phase of interlacement percolation
Sep 26
Ben Green (Cambridge)
On the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem (PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium)
Oct 10
Daniel Valesin (UBC)
Extinction time of the contact process on finite trees
Oct 17
Gourab Ray (UBC)
Half planar triangulations
Oct 24
Mark McDonnell (UniSA)
Why does clustered network connectivity give rise to bistable neuronal dynamics
in simulations of large networks of cortical neurons, driven by Poisson spike trains?

Nov 7
Eviatar Procaccia (WIS)
Asymptotic behavior of the Cheeger constant of super-critical percolation in the square lattice
Nov 14
Yan-Xia Ren (Peking)
Strong law of large numbers for superprocesses
Nov 21
Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge)
Counting self-avoiding walks
Nov 28
Joe Neeman (Berkeley)
Robust Gaussian noise stability
Dec 5
Linan Chen (McGill)
Gaussian Free Fields and KPZ Relation in R^4
Jan 23
Vincent Beffara (ENS Lyon)
The critical behavior of the two-dimensional random-cluster model
Jan 23
Loren Coquille (Geneva)
On the Gibbs states of the non-critical Potts model on Z^2
Jan 30
Balazs Rath (UBC)
On chemical distances and shape theorems in percolation models with long-range correlations
Feb 27
Eyal Lubetzky (Microsoft Research)
Limiting shape and cube-root fluctuations of the level lines of (2+1)-dimensional SOS
Mar 6
Yaozhong Hu (Kansas)
Malliavin calculus and convergence in density of some nonlinear Gaussian functionals
Mar 13
Anna Levit (UBC)
Critical Quantum Random Graphs
Apr 3
Asaf Nachmias (UBC)
Sublinear resistance on the low dimensional critical branching random walk
Apr 10
Jeff Steif (Chalmers)
The many faces of the T T-inverse process
Apr 18
Chihoon Lee (Colorado)
Parameter estimation methods for reflected fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes
May 15
Augusto Teixeira (IMPA)
Soft local times and decoupling of random interlacements
June 13
Viktor Harangi (Toronto)
Independent sets and the minimum eigenvalue in transitive graphs
July 10
Yu-Ting Chen (UBC)
Pathwise non-uniqueness for the SPDE's of some super-Brownian motions with immigration
July 15
Manfred Salmhofer (University of Heidelberg)
BCS models and functional integrals
July 15
Jon Dimock (State University of New York at Buffalo)
The renormalization group according to Balaban
July 17
Dmitry Chelkak
Surgery of discrete domains and uniform RSW-type bounds for the critical FK-Ising model
July 31
Jesse Goodman (Universiteit Leiden)
The gaps left by a Brownian motion
August 21
Tom Meyerovitch (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Random points in the metric polytope

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