UBC Probability Seminar 2011-2012

The probability seminar is held Wednesdays from 3 to 4 PM in WMAX 110 (unless otherwise specified). Seminars by visiting speakers will be followed by dinner at a restaurant, almost surely. Seminars by local speakers will be followed by beer at Koerner's Pub, with positive probability.

Organizer: Ori Gurel-Gurevich.

Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

September 7 at WMAX 110
Miguel López (Ericsson)
Some Transmission and Reception Algorithms for Superimposed Radio Signals
September 14
Jean-Dominique Deuschel (TU Berlin)
Markov chain approximations to non-symmetric diffusions with bounded coefficients
September 21
Daniel Valesin (UBC)
Metastable densities for contact processes on random graphs
September 28
Anna Levit (UBC)
Stochastic geometric representations of the quantum Curie-Weiss model
October 5
Alexandre Stauffer (Microsoft Research)
Detection by Poisson Brownian motions
October 12
Nicolas Curien (Paris)
Strong convergence of partial match queries in random quadtrees
October 19
Edwin Perkins (UBC)
Non-uniqueness for parabolic stochastic PDE
October 26
Peter Winkler (Dartmouth/Microsoft Research)
Edge-Cover by Random Walk
November 2
Asaf Nachmias (UBC)
Rate of convergence for Cardy's formula
November 9
Omer Angel (UBC)
Avoidance Coupling
November 16
Matthew Folz (UBC)
Gaussian upper bounds for heat kernels of continuous time simple random walks
November 23
Remco van der Hofstad (TU Eindhoven)
The survival probability and r-point functions in high dimensions
November 30
Grégory Miermont (U Paris-Sud)
Random maps and their scaling limits
January 4
Sunil Chhita (KTH)
Edge statistics of domino tilings on the Aztec Diamond
January 11
Fabio Toninelli (ENS Lyon)
The random pinning model: Harris criterion and disorder relevance
Tuesday, January 17
2:30pm at WMAX 110
Sebastien Roch (UCLA)
Relating Combinatorial and Variational Distances Between Trees
January 25
Jian Ding (Stanford)
Asymptotics of cover times via Gaussian free fields: bounded-degree graphs and general trees
Monday, January 30
3pm in MATH 126
Nike Sun (Stanford)
Potts and independent set models on d-regular graphs
February 1
Nayantara Bhatnagar (UC Berkeley)
Reconstruction for Colorings on Trees
February 8
Yuri Mejia Miranda (UBC)
The critical points of lattice trees and lattice animals in high dimensions
February 15
Robert Adler (Technion)
DRAT: Doing random algebraic topology
February 29
Omer Angel (UBC)
Linearly Reinforced Random Walk
Monday, March 5
11am at MATH 126
Ivan Corwin (Microsoft and MIT)
Directed random polymers and Macdonald processes
March 7
Yu-Ting Chen (UBC)
Sharp Benefit-to-Cost Rules for the Evolution of Cooperation on Regular Graphs
March 14
Elchanan Mossel (UC Berkeley)
Stochastic Models of Social and Economic Networks
March 21
Juan Souto (UBC)
Distributional limits of Riemannian manifolds and graphs with sublinear genus growth
March 28
Antal A. Jarai (Bath)
Zero dissipation limit in Abelian sandpiles
April 18
Codina Cotar (Fields)
Density functional theory and optimal transport with Coulomb cost
April 25
Xun Yu Zhou (Oxford)
Optimal stopping under probability distortion
May 2
3pm at MATH 126
Stefan Adams (Warwick)
Probabilistic approaches to symmetrised many-particle systems
Jul 24
4pm at MATH 126
Chris Soteros (Saskatchewan)
Lattice Models of Polymer Entanglements
Aug 1
3pm at MATH 126
Jean-Christophe Mourrat (EPFL)
On the homogenization of the heat equation with random coefficients
Aug 7
11am at WMAX 216
Ross Pinsky (Technion)
Probabilistic and Combinatorial Aspects of the Card-Cyclic to Random Insertion Shuffle

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