UBC Probability Seminar 2010-2011

The probability seminar is held Wednesdays from 4 to 5 PM in MATH 126 (unless otherwise specified). Seminars by visiting speakers will be followed by dinner at a restaurant, almost surely. Seminars by local speakers will be followed by beer at Koerner's Pub, with positive probability.

Organizer: Ori Gurel-Gurevich.

Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

September 15
Andrea Collevecchio (Ca' Foscari University)
A variational formula for the free energy of an interacting many-particle system
September 22
Hyun Jae Yoo (Hankyong National University)
Diagonally dominant matrices: their invertibility from probabilistic view point
October 6
Ivan Corwin (Courant)
The KPZ universality class and equation
October 13
Russell Lyons (Indiana)
Expansion for Group Actions, Independent Sets, and Perfect Matchings
October 20
Marek Biskup (UCLA)
Random conductance models with sub-diffusive heat kernel decay
October 27
Sylvain Rubenthaler (PIMS)
Propagation of chaos for particle systems: Exploration of the asymptotics and applications
Thursday, November 4
4pm at MATH 126
Greg Lawler (Chicago)
Schramm-Loewner Evolution in Multiply Connected Domains
November 10
Deniz Karli (UBC)
Probabilistic Littlewood-Paley Theory
Wednesday, November 17
4pm at MATH 126
Tom Meyerovitch (UBC)
Ergodicity of Poisson Products
November 24
Michael Kozdron (Regina)
The convergence of loop-erased random walk to SLE(2) in the natural parametrization
Wednesday, December 1
3-5pm at MATH 126
Double Feature:
Nicolas Curien (ENS)
A view from infinity of the uniform infinite planar quadrangulation
Ori Gurel-Gurevich (UBC)
The Unlikeliness of Being Covered
Tuesday, January 11
3:30pm at MATH 126
Asaf Nachmias (MIT)
The phase transition in percolation on the Hamming cube
Wednesday, January 12
3pm at WMAX 110
Colloquium talk by Asaf Nachmias (MIT)
Arm exponents in high-dimensional percolation
Thursday, January 13
1pm at WMAX 110
Colloquium talk by Lionel Levine (MIT)
Growth rates and explosions in sandpiles
Friday, January 14
4:15pm at MATH126
Lionel Levine (MIT)
Logarithmic fluctuations from circularity
Tuesday, January 18
2pm at MATH126
Allan Sly (Microsoft Research)
Glauber dynamics for the Ising model on the square lattice
Wednesday, January 19
3pm at WMAX 110
Colloquium talk by Allan Sly (Microsoft Research)
January 26
Siva Athreya (Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre)
Brownian Motion on R-trees
February 2
Omer Angel (UBC)
Open Problems
February 9
Hyun Jae Yoo (Hankyong National University)
Determinantal point processes: Gibbianness and dynamics
February 23
David Brydges (UBC)
Branched polymers and Mayer expansions I
March 2
Sebastian Andres (UBC)
Invariance Principle for the Random Conductance Model
March 9
David Brydges (UBC)
Branched polymers and Mayer expansions II
March 16
Priscilla Greenwood (ASU)
Why is the frequency distribution of so much time series data near 1/f?
March 23
Domingos Marchetti
Hierarchical models: are they useful?
March 30
David Brydges (UBC)
Branched polymers and Mayer expansions III
April 6
Jason Miller (Microsoft Research)
Uniformity of the Uncovered Set of Random Walk and Cutoff for Lamplighter Chains
Thursday, April 21
3pm at MATH 126
Mark Holmes (Auckland)
A combinatorial result with applications to random walk couplings
Wednesday, April 27
3pm at MATH 126
Ben Morris (Davis)
Mixing time of the overlapping cycles shuffle
Friday, May 27
3pm at MATH 126
Ron Peled (Tel Aviv)
Proper colorings, Lipschitz functions and cutsets in high dimensions
Monday, June 27
2pm at MATH 126
Adam Timar (Bonn)
Allocation rules for the Poisson point process

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