UBC Probability seminar


Location: Zoom
Time: Wednesdays, 15:00–16:30


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Upcoming Talks

Jan. 20 Jens Malmquist (UBC)
Stability results for symmetric jump processes on metric measure spaces with atoms

Past Talks

Jan. 13 (3 PM) Jimmy He (Stanford University)
Random walks on finite fields with deterministic jumps.
Dec. 3 (2 PM) Zoe Huang (Duke University)
Motion by mean curvature in interacting particle systems.
Nov. 25 (3 PM) Nicholas Cook (Duke University)
The minimum modulus for random trigonometric polynomials.
Nov. 18 (3 PM) Danny Nam (Princeton University)
The critical 1D multi-particle DLA.
Nov. 4 (3 PM) Tom Hutchcroft (Cambridge University, Trinity college)
Power-law bounds for critical long-range percolation.
Oct. 28 (3 PM) Ashwin Sah and Mehtaab Sawhney (MIT)
Singularity of discrete random matrices.
Oct. 21 (special time 2 - 3 PM) Jan Grebik (University of Warwick)
LDP for graphons.
Oct. 14 (special time 2 - 3:30 PM) Matthew Jenssen (University of Birmingham)
Homomorphisms from the torus.
Oct. 7 Jacob Richey (UBC)
Recent results on the phase transition for activated random walk.
Sep. 30 Evita Nestoridi (Princeton)
Mixing time of the upper triangular matrix walk over Z/mZ.
Sep. 23 Sarai Hernandez-Torres (UBC and Technion)
Scaling limits of uniform spanning trees in three dimensions
Sep. 16 Persi Diaconis (Stanford)
Gamblers ruin with many gamblers
Sep. 9 Martin Barlow (UBC)
A branching process with contact tracing

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