All times below are in UTC. For reference, at the moment 16UTC is 9:00 in Vancouver, 12:00 in Montreal, 18:00 in Zurich and midnight in Hong Kong. Lectures are roughly 1 hour long unless noted otherwise, and are followed by group discussion in breakout rooms. Participate on zoom, watch a live-stream or another live-stream, or watch videos of previous talks.

Upcoming courses

The summer school for 2020 has ended. We are grateful to everyone who helped make the course a success: the speakers, the many students and postdocs who took part in the courses, and to BIRS, CRM, and PIMS for technical support. We hope that the 2021 summer school in montreal and 2022 school in Vancouver will be able to take place as planned.

It remains possible that there will also be a 2021 edition of OOPS. Until then, you can catch up on past courses, or get a commemorative t-shirt.

Completed courses

Schedule Speaker Title Links
May 18, 16:00 Jean-Christophe Mourrat Rank-one matrix estimation and Hamilton-Jacobi equations video notes
May 19, 16:00 video notes
May 21, 16:00 video notes
May 25 16:00 Gady Kozma Critical and near-critical percolation video slides
May 27, 16:00 video
May 28, 16:00 video
June 1, 16:00 Nina Gantert Branching random walks: some recent results and open questions video notes
June 2, 16:00 video notes
June 4, 16:00 video notes
June 5, 16:00 Piotr Dyszewski Branching random walks and stretched exponential tails video slides
June 5, 16:35 Sam Johnston The extremal particles of branching Brownian motion video
June 8, 16:00 Ivan Corwin Gibbsian line ensembles in integrable probability video slide
June 9, 16:00 video slide
June 9, 17:00 video slide
exercises and solutions(1)
June 11,12 Various Integrable Probability @ OOPS videos
June 15, 16:00 Perla Sousi Mixing and hitting times for Markov chains video notes
June 16, 16:00 video notes
June 18, 16:00 video notes
More: background [filling rule] [spectral methods] exercises
June 22, 16:00 Frank den Hollander and Elena Pulvirenti Metastability for interacting particle systems video slides
June 23, 16:00 video slides
June 25, 16:00 video slides
June 26, 16:00 video slides
Exercises Intro, Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3
June 29, 16:00 Aukosh Jagannath A Brief Introduction to Mean Field Spin Glass Models video slides
June 29, 17:30 video slides
June 30, 16:00 video slides
June 30, 17:30 video slides
July 1, 17:30 Exercises: Exercises
July 1, 16:00 Amin Coja Oghlan Disordered systems and random graphs video slides
July 2, 17:30 video slides
July 3, 16:00 video slides
July 2, 16:00 Eliran Subag TAP approach and optimization of full-RSB spherical spin glasses video
July 6, 16:00
Andrea Montanari Mean field methods in high-dimensional statistics and nonconvex optimization video slides
July 7, 16:00 video slides
July 8, 16:00 video slides
July 9, 16:00 video slides
July 10, 16:00 video slides
July 7,8, 17:30 Review session [exercise-1] [slides] [exercise-2] References
July 9, 17:30 Leo Miolane Information-theoretic limits of Bayesian inference in Gaussian noise video slides
July 13 16:00
Elchanan Mossel Simplicity and Complexity in Belief Propagation video slides
July 14 16:00 video slides
July 15 16:00 video slides
July 14,16 17:30 Review session
July 15 17:30 Shirshendu Ganguly Large deviations for sparse graphs video slides
July 16 16:00 video slides
July 17 16:00 video slides lecture notes
August 3, 16:00
Nina Holden Schramm-Loewner evolution and imaginary geometry video slides
August 4, 16:00 video slides
August 6, 16:00 video slides
August 10, 16:00
Tom Hutchcroft Uniform spanning trees in high dimension video slides
August 11, 16:00 video slides
August 13, 16:00 video slides