3:00 p.m., Friday (December 1, 2006)

MATX 1100

George Homsy
UC Santa Barbara

Multimedia Fluid Mechanics

The speaker is the Principal Investigator for a major NSF-Sponsored educational project to produce multimedia materials for the teaching and learning of fluid mechanics. The first half of the project culminated in the publication of the CD-Rom ``Multimedia Fluid Mechanics", Homsy et al, Cambridge Univ. Press (2001). This CD-Rom has been very favorably reviewed and is widely distributed and adopted as supplementary material for both undergraduate and graduate classes. The second half of the project is nearing completion. This talk will give an overview of the original conception of the project, with an emphasis on the connection of fluid mechanics to related topics in mathematics and applied physics, such as elementary field theory, the need to connect physical concepts with mathematical abstraction, the use of interactive media to build and strengthen physical and mathematical intuition, and the use of simulations as teaching tools. The talk will combine a discussion of the objectives, pedagogy, and motivation; a demonstration of Volume 1; and a preview of the forthcoming second volume.

Tea and coffee will be served at 2:45 p.m. (MATX 1115, Math Lounge).

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