Ian Zwiers
Office ESB Room 4114
2207 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC

Research Interests

Nonlinear PDE

Formation of singularties, Spectra of linearized operators, Stability of special solutions, Dispersive PDE & Navier-Stokes

Numerical Methods

Free-boundary problems, Robustness, Finite-difference methods, Adaptive grids & Efficiency, Particle Methods


Compressive sensing, Uncertainty Quantification. Possible application of dimension reduction to adaptive basis methods



Current Teaching

  • Math 264, Spring 2013
    (Vector Calulus for Electrical Engineering)

  • Math 267, Spring 2013: Course Blog
    (Fourier & PDE for EECE)

Past Teaching

  • Math 265, Fall 2012
    (Linear ODE for EECE)

  • Math 257/316, Summer 2012
    (Partial Differential Equations)

  • Math 267, Spring & Fall 2011
    (Fourier & PDE for EECE)

About Me

A lantern shop in Vietnam, , an alkaline lake and lava desert, , bourgainvillia, , enjoying a hike, , a completely gratuitous portrait of poutine, , summer on the Northumberland Strait, , wearing a canoe on my head, , and finally an insect, .