Math 340 Section 201 -- Introduction to Linear Programming

FINAL EXAM PERIOD OFFICE HOURS: Friday April 17, 8:30-11am, LSK 300c.

Instructor: Zachary Bradshaw
Email: z[insert my last name here]
Office hours for section 201: Mondays 1:00 - 3:00 in LSK300B
This is the section 201 webpage for a coordinated course -- most course information, homeworks, important dates, etc. can be found here.
Here is the syllabus.
Lectures are Tue-Thu: 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM in MATH 104.

Lecture notes from weeks 1-3. (Posted as a courtesy to those who have recently enrolled in the class).
The worksheet on the simplex method from Jan. 20 and 22. and solutions
Sensitivity analysis with LINDO -- Handout
The Winco example.

Lecture notes on Game Theory. Our notation was different than that in Vanderbei's book. Some topics weren't covered in lecture but will be helpful for the homework -- in particular see the last two pages of the notes.
Here are the problems from HW6 modified to suit our notation.

Here's an outline of the topics we've covered during the second half of the semester.

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