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(Term 1, 2017/2018: September, 2017 -- December, 2017)

Math 100:107  Differential Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering.  UBC course page here.

Young-Heon Kim   Email: yhkim "at" math "dot" ubc "dot" ca
  604-822-6324  Fax      604-822-6074      Office   MATH 216

TuThur  930-11  at Buchanan A102
Office hours
: TBA.  At my office MATH 216. Subject to change. 
First class
: Thursday, September 07, 2016  Last class: Thursday,  November 30, 2017

Course Common Webpage: for the most important information, e.g. course textbook, course notes, webwork, quizzes, exam, etc.

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