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(Term 2, 2010/2011: Jan, 2011 -- April, 2010)

MATH 257:201 Partial Differential Equations. UBC course page here

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Exams:  two midterms and one final
Marking policy (especially for the exams):

For computational problems,  to earn lots of credit, you have to get the right answer with proper set-up of the calculation. 
In many cases (especially for the easier problems),  about half the points will be given for setting up the calculation properly and about half for computing the numerical answer correctly. For more difficult problems, more percentage will be given for properly setting-up the calculation.  You may loose most (sometimes, all) of points for setting up the calculation incorrectly, even if the subsequent computations are correct. Also, you may loose half the points for not finding the correct final answer, even if the initial set-up is correct.

Last Updated: March, 2010.