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Here is my  Brief CV.

Research Interests: Partial Differential Equations and Geometric Analysis:

Analysis and Geometry of Optimal Transportation / Monge-Ampere Equations (some references)
Evolution equations and applications.
Variational calculus.
Riemannian Geometry
Spectral Geometry: Analytic Torsion (Determinants of Laplacians), Isospectrality 
Analysis of Riemann surfaces (Teichmueller Theory)
Inverse Problems
Mathematical economics 

Collaborators (in alphabetical order):

Xiaohui Chen    Alessio Figalli    Hyunseok Kim    Seick Kim    Jun Kitagawa    Robert McCann    Emanuel Milman   Hanjin Lee   Brendan Pass    Jeff Streets    Micah Warren    Jane Wang         

Publications & Preprints:   

Some unpublished manuscripts:   

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Conference/workshop organizing: 

Invited Talks and Lectures

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Conferences and Programs (which I have participated, will attend, or am interested in since 2007)

Updated: March 2014