UBC Department of Mathematics
Colloquium - 2009/2010

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Time and Place

Fri., Sept. 11; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Johannes Nicaise
University of Leuven, Belgium
Rational points on varieties over a discretely valued field

Thurs., Sept. 17; 

2:00, WMAX 216

Mohammad El Smaily
KPP pulsating traveling fronts within large drift
(PIMS/WMAX Postdoctoral Colloquium)

Fri., Sept. 25; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Albert Chau
Lagrangian Mean Curvature flow for entire Lipschitz graphs

Fri., Oct. 2; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Bill Minicozzi
Johns Hopkins, USA
Generic singularities of mean curvature flow

Fri., Oct. 9; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Tai-Peng Tsai
Navier-Stokes flows with scaling invariant bounds

Fri., Oct. 16; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Tobias Lamm
Parabolic systems with rough initial data

Fri., Oct. 23; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Aleks Owczarek
University of Melbourne, Australia
Lattice Paths as Interfacial phase boundaries: some history and a new solution

Fri., Oct. 30;

3:00, MATX 1100

Nassif Ghoussoub
Mathematical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Modeling Electrostatic MEMS

Fri., Nov. 6; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Carl de Boor
University of Wisconsin
Issues in multivariate polynomial interpolation
(PIMS/UBC special colloquium)

Fri., Nov. 13; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Robert McCann
University of Toronto
Extremal Doubly Stochastic Measures and Optimal Transportation

Fri., Nov. 20; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Jeff Smith
Group actions on spheres

Fri., Nov. 27; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Geoffrey Grimmett
Cambridge U.
Problems for the clairvoyant demon

Mon., Dec. 7; 

4:00, MATX 1100

Alexandra Pettet U.Michigan
The outer automorphism group of a free group and its relatives

Wed., Dec. 9; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Juan Souto
Relations between geometry and topology of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Mon., Jan. 11, 2010; 

4:00, MATX 1100

Richard Kent
Brown University
Analytic functions from hyperbolic manifolds

Wed., Jan. 13; 

3:00, WMAX 110

Nicolas Templier
Institute for Advanced Study

Mon., Jan. 18; 

4:00, MATX 1100

Florian Herzig
Northwestern University
Modular representations of p-adic groups

Fri., Jan. 22; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Dragos Ghioca
University of Lethbridge
The dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture

Mon., Jan. 25; 

4:00, MATX 1100

Leo Tzou
Stanford University
The Calderon problem -- from the past to the present

Fri., Jan. 29; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Andrej Zlatos
University of Chicago
Reaction and Diffusion in Fluid Flow

Mon., Feb. 1; 

4:00, MATX 1100

Andrew Putman
The Picard Group of the Moduli Space of Curves with Level Structures

Wed., Feb. 3; 

3:00, WMAX 110

Tadahrio Oh
University of Toronto
Probability in the PDE theory

Fri., March. 5; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Harald Helfgott

Growth in simple groups of Lie type -- a survey talk

Fri., Mar. 19; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Patricia Hersh
North Carolina State University, USA.

Combinatorics and topology of stratified spaces

Fri., Mar. 26; 

3:00, MATX 1100
(CRM-Fields-PIMS prize lecture)

 Gordon Slade
The Self-Avoiding Walk

Fri.,April 9; 

3:00, MATX 1100

Balazs Szegedy

Fri.,April. 16; 

3:00, MATX 1100

(PIMS lecutre/colloquium)
Kannan Soundararajan
Quantum Unique Ergodicity and Number Theory

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