UBC Mathematics Colloquium

Leo Tzou

(Stanford University)


The Calderon Problem - from the past to the present

Mon., Jan. 25, 2010, 4:00pm, MATX 1100


The problem of determining the electrical conductivity of a body by making voltage and current measurements on the object's surface has various applications in fields such as oil exploration and early detection of malignant breast tumour. This classical problem posed by Calder\'on remained open until the late '80s when it was finally solved in a breakthrough paper by Sylvester-Uhlmann. In the recent years, geometry has played an important role in this problem. We will look at the connection between this analysis problem with seemingly unrelated fields such as symplectic geometry and differential topology as well as geometric scattering theory.

The speaker is partially supported by NSF Grant No. DMS-0807502

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