Transfer Credit Advising Page

Transfer credit advising page

This page is for students who require my services as a department undergraduate advisor. This page is a slight modification of material prepared by Lior Silberman, who had this advising role before me.

General comments

Transfer credit requests

Types of requests

Courses you have taken or are considering taking at another institution can be recognized at UBC in one of several ways. Depending on the circumstances, you may request:

Before writing about a transfer credit question, please consult the UBC Transfer Credit Tool and check whether there is already a decision about the equivalence. It's ok to ask for reconsideration: courses change over time, both at UBC and at other institutions, but generally there should be reason for us to change a past decision. In addition, the BC Transfer Guide website contains further information concerning courses you might take at institutions within the provience:

  1. For university level courses which transfer to UBC credit, check the Course Search Tool.
  2. For high-school level courses which satisfy admission requirements or the calculus pre-requisites (especially BC PREC 12), visit the page on Adult Basic Education. Once there open the most recent "ABE Articulation Guide" and find the table called "MATHEMATICS TRANSFER GUIDE", usually around page 38. Courses listed in the final column ("Provincial") are accepted by UBC as equivalent to BC PREC 12.

Who should I contact about my mathematics transfer credits?

  1. If you are a visiting student, a second-degree student, or a graduate student you must contact me directly. See the email instructions below, and note that if you are asking for an exemption that is already shown on the UBC Transfer Credit Tool you don't need to provide any further information about the course except that fact.
  2. If you are asking about credits you obtained before admission to UBC (but not in one of the categories above), you must contact your Enrollment Services Advisor. They will write to me on your behalf.
  3. If you are in the faculties of Applied Science, or Land and Food Systems, please contact the advising office of your faculty. The advisors will contact me on your behalf.
  4. In all other cases (including if you are from the Faculty of Science), you may write to me directly. See the email instructions below.

Email instructions

My address is
When you write to me, please include:
  1. Your student number
  2. Your current/intended faculty and programme, including whether you are a first-degree student, a second-degree student, a graduate student, etc.
  3. The institution(s) where the courses were taken, and a copy of your transcript(s) (informal transcript / screen printout are fine).
  4. For each course you want me to consider, as much as possible of the following information:
    1. The course name and number.
    2. The UBC Transfer Credit Tool record of the course, and whether you are asking for reconsideration of that.
    3. The form of transfer credit requested including corresponding UBC course numbers, if applicable (see types of requests above).
    4. The total number of classroom lecture hours in the course.
    5. A detailed syllabus and the textbooks used, if any
    6. Sample course materials (exams, midterms, homeworks, course notes) allowing me to judge the level of the course.
    I cannot consider courses without sufficient information. All materials must be translated to English.
  5. The names and contact details of any other advisors and advising offices you have contacted about this matter and their responses to you.

Notes on specific courses and requests