some pictures

The world's strangest fountain, located in Oberwolfach, Germany.

Last kilometer of the Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon, 2010.

A not so conventional train trip, coming back from a cycling day some time in 2010, somewhere in the Valais.

Me in front of Nietzsche Haus in Sils-Maria, Switzerland, in March 2010. In this house, that is presently a museum, Nietzsche was lodged for eight summers and wrote several of his later works.

Me and my friend Marcelo in New York in August 2009.

My wife Sylvia and a blue arara near Bonito, Brazil, in January 2007.

Me and my friends Emilio and Ives in Rochers de Naye, Switzerland, in July 2010.

The Entropy Cake, in celebration of the conclusion of the Thermodynamics Formalism seminar organized by Prof. Brian Marcus at UBC, May 2012.

Garibaldi Lake in August 2013.

what I've been reading

Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness: Four Short Novels
The Rebel Angels
Wolf Hall
The Lost Boy
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
A Theft
The Master and Margarita
The Cat's Table
The Sisters Brothers
Pincher Martin: The Two Deaths of Christopher Martin
Everything Was Good-bye
The New York Trilogy
Consider Phlebas
The Good Soldier Švejk
Journey to the End of the Night