Mathematics 110, Section 003 - 2011-2012
"Differential Calculus"

Section Details

Lecturer: Thomas Wong.
Email: twong (at) math (dot) ubc (dot) ca
Office: Mathematics Building Room 201
Class time: Mon/Wed/Fri: 09:00 - 10:00.
Location: Chemistry Room C124.
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Course Outline and Objectives

MATH 110 is a two-term, six-credit course in differential calculus. It covers the same calculus content as the one-term courses MATH 100, 102, 104, 180, and 184, but with additional material designed to strengthen understanding of essential pre-calculus topics. There is also an increased emphasis on mathematical proofs and problem solving.


Assessment and Grading Scheme

Academic Integrity

UBC takes academic integrity as a very serious issue. Students found guilty of breaching these guidelines are usually given a final grade of 0 in the course, suspended from UBC for one year, and a notation made on their Transcript of Academic Record.

Midterms and Final Exam

Practice October Midterm
Practice Practice December Exam
April Past Paper 1 April Past Paper 2


Assignment 1 Solutions
Assignment 2 Solutions
Assignment 3 Solutions
Assignment 4 Solutions
Assignment 5 Solutions
Assignment 6 Solutions
Assignment 7 Solutions Q1 should read "dW/dt = a W(t) - b W(t) D(t)". This has now been fixed.
Assignment 8 Solutions
Assignment 9 Solutions Survey Link


Quiz 1 Solutions
Quiz 2 Solutions
Quiz 3 Solutions
Quiz 4 Solutions
Quiz 5 Solutions
Quiz 6 Solutions
Quiz 7 Solutions
Quiz 8 Solutions
Quiz 9 Solutions

MathXL Homework

Alternative Homework:
Week 2.4 Text File Excel File

Skills Test


Workshop 1.2 Workshop 1.3 Workshop 1.4 Workshop 1.5
Workshop 1.6 Workshop 1.8 Workshop 1.9 Workshop 1.10
Workshop 1.11 Workshop 1.12 Workshop 1.13
Workshop 2.2 Workshop 2.3 Workshop 2.4 Workshop 2.5
Workshop 2.6 Workshop 2.8 Workshop 2.9 Workshop 2.10
Workshop 2.11