Euclidean Geometry

UBC MATH 308, Section 101, Fall 2011

Calendar description: Classical plane geometry, solid geometry, spherical trigonometry, polyhedra, linear and affine transformations. Linear algebra proofs are used.

Textbook: Geometry, by David A. Brannan, Matthew F. Esplen, and Jeremy J. Gray, Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Lecture Time & Location: MWF 10:00-11:00, Buchanan A203.

Instructor: Dr. Tai-Peng Tsai, Math building room 109, phone 604-822-2591, ttsai at
Office hours: Tue 11:30am-12:20pm, Tue 2pm-3pm, Fri 4pm-4:50pm, and by appointment (Tsai's schedule).



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