Elementary Differential Equations I / Ordinary Differential Equations

UBC MATH 215/255, Section 102, September-December 2014


Lecture Time & Location: Mon Wed Fri 9:00am, LSK 200.

Instructor: Dr. Tai-Peng Tsai, Math building room 109, phone 604-822-2591, ttsai at math.ubc.ca.
Office hours: Mon 4-5:15pm, Tue 11am-12:15pm, and by appointment (Tsai's schedule).

Other sections: 101 (Henriot), 103 (Shih), 104 (Dontsev), and 105 (Zhao)



Calendar description:

MATH 215: First-order equations; linear equations; linear systems; Laplace transforms; numerical methods; trajectory analysis of plane nonlinear systems. Applications of these topics will be emphasized.
MATH 255: Review of linear systems; nonlinear equations and applications; phase plane analysis; Laplace transforms; numerical methods.
Prerequisite: One of MATH 101, MATH 103, MATH 105, MATH 121, SCIE 001 and one of MATH 152, MATH 221, MATH 223.
Corequisite: One of MATH 200, MATH 217, MATH 226, MATH 253, MATH 263.

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