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Instructor: Dr. Tai-Peng Tsai, Math building room 109, phone 604-822-2591, ttsai at

Lectures: Mon Wed Fri 12:00pm, LSK 201

Office hours: Tue 11am-12:15pm, Thu 2pm-3:15pm, and by appointment (Tsai's schedule).


12.02 and 12.04
  • Solutions to Quiz 2': v2, v3, v4.
  • Additional office hour before midterm exam: Wednesday Nov 4, 3:30pm-5pm. (The regular office hours are Tue 11am-12:15pm and Thu 2pm-3:15pm.)

  • As announced on Monday lecture (yesterday), Quiz 2' on Friday October 30 will cover derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions (§3.9), price elasticity of demand (§3.6 and notes), and exponential models and continuous interest (notes for §6.8). Here is a sample quiz and its solutions.

  • The final exam time has been announced to be Friday, Dec 18, 12pm-2:30pm.

  • Due to my error of not bringing enough copies of Quiz 2 last Friday, we will have another quiz, called Quiz 2', on October 30. It is one week after Quiz 3, and 6 days before Midterm Exam. Its content will cover materials after Quiz 3 and before Midterm Exam, which should help you to prepare for the exam. Exact choice of sections and practice quiz will be posted on our section page (this page), with the solutions posted soon after Quiz 2' collected.
    Those of you who did Quiz 2 in the A&D service do not need to take Quiz 2'. However, if you prefer, you can choose to take Quiz 2' in A&D, and have your Quiz 2 mark ignored.
    Again, I am very sorry for this inconvenience due to my error.

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