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Information for Section 103

Lecture summary:   link to lecture summary.

Instructor:   Dr. Tai-Peng Tsai, Math building room 109, phone 604-822-2591

Lectures:   MWF 4pm-4:50pm, Chemistry B250

Office hours:   Tue 10:30-11:50am, Wed 11:00-11:50am, Thu 2:00-2:50pm, and by appointment (Tsai's schedule).

Course outline:   short version for our section. For the complete version for all sections, visit the course homepage.


12.08 Thu
  • Email from Instructor in charge for all sections:
    • The MATH 102 final exam will be on Monday at 8:30 am - 11 am. Information, including links to old finals and a newly posted (today) collection of practice problems (extracted from quiz problems in all sections - no solutions included but some solutions are available on the section pages). The old exam links can be found on the "Final exam information" page and new practice problems are on the "practice problems" page.

    • There will be a few study sessions tomorrow (Friday), provided snow does not prevent people from getting to campus:
      • Friday, Dec. 9, 10am-1pm in HENN 202.
      • Friday, Dec 9, 1-5 pm in MCML 166
      • Friday, Dec 9, 1-3 pm in BUCH A102

    • There will be 1-3 instructors at each of these locations with the exception of 10am-11am in HENN 202 (you are welcome to show up and work in groups during that time and ask questions when the instructor comes at 11). These sessions will not be lecture style. Student can work in groups on practice exams and posted problems or any other relevant material. Instructors will circulate and answer questions that come up.

  • The final exam will be in AMC format. Here is a sample for AMC format. You can read the points of each problem from its number of bubbles. Remember to bring a dark pen/pencil to darken the bubbles!

  • Office hours during exam period: 4-5pm on Tue Dec 6, Thu Dec 8 and Fri Dec 9.

  • Review sessions: TBA by email. There are several sessions. The idea is that practice problems will be distributed and you work in groups. An instructor or two will be walking around to help.

  • You should read the final exam info page carefully in particular the Final Exam 2015. Here is a local copy.

  • The final exam will take place on Monday December 12 8:30am-11am at MATH 100.

  • Many TA hours in MLC have been shifted to the final exam weeks. As a result, the MLC is open for very limited hours for the next two weeks (see details at the MLC website. On the other hand, the MLC will stay open until December 20th.

  • You can find old math final exams at Math Department exam archive. You can also buy exam packages with solutions at UBC Math Club.

  • Quiz 3 has average score 6.9 out of max 12. The max is changed from 20 to 12 so that the average 6.9 amounts to 58%. Marks higher than 12 remain unchanged, so they effectively become bonus. Here is quiz 3 solution.

  • Comments from our TA for quiz 3:
    • The average mark was 6.9/20 which I think was mainly due to trouble with the last long answer problem, question 7. As for common problems for the students:
    • be careful with using brackets for #1. 2x+1(e^(x^2+x)) is not the same as (2x+1)(e^(x^2+2)) - (2x+1) must be in brackets
    • #3 power rule cannot be used for x^(2x) - need to use logarithmic differentiation
    • #4 asks for h(1), not h(x)
    • in general, for long answer questions, be more neat/ clear with your work - makes it much easier for the marker and also ensures you wont lose marks because something is unreadable/ hard to understand
    • for #6, be consistent with the use of either dD/dt=kD or dD/dt=-kD, it will make a difference with the final answer. also, k is a constant, not the time of half life.

  • Quiz 3 on Friday Nov 18 will cover the following material (Lecutures 22-29, Chapters 10-13):
    • Exponential functions and their derivatives
    • Inverse functions, the log function and its derivative
    • Applications using exponential functions
    • Qualitative analysis of ODEs (slope fields, phase lines, steady states, stability)

  • Quiz 2 has average score 11 out of max 20. The drop in average compared to Quiz 1 is probably due to problem 8. Here is quiz 2 solution.
  • Comments from our TA for quiz 2:
    • make sure to read the instructions, many people lost marks on #2 for simplifying when it explicitly tells you not to - for short answer questions you are only marked on what is in the answer box, not your work.
    • even though you arent allowed a calculator, make sure to simplify numbers, ex 0.2/0.1=2
    • make your work easy to follow and neat on long answer questions - you can gain part marks for showing your thinking, but if I cant understand, you wont get marks for your work
    • double check addition, multiplication, etc - many students lost marks simply because they didnt add correctly on #7
    • review the concepts behind #8, a lot of students struggled on this question. try drawing a graph to see if your answer makes sense!

  • The final exam will take place on Monday December 12 at 8:30am. Location TBA.

  • The midterm will cover material from Chapters 1-6. This includes everything up to and including "Absolute extrema" but not applied optimization problems in Chapter 7. Given the above and that Assignment 6 is all about applied optimization, the due date for Assignment 6 has be postponed to Tuesday Oct 25 at 7am.
  • The Instructor In Charge (IIC) have assigned all students that did not sign up to a room and time. Please visit the sign-up form to find out when and where to go.
  • Office hours (OH) before the midterm exam: Thursday 11am (the original OH at 2pm is moved to 11am), Friday 1pm (extra), Monday 1pm (extra), and Tuesday 10:30-11:50am.

  • Midterm Exam will be held on Oct 18. See Midterm information. Students can sign up for one of three time slots for the midterm, 5:15, 5:45, 6:15. The sign-up form will close on Friday, Oct 7. If you have a conflict, please report ASAP and you can write at another time. Legitimate conflicts include a lecture, a midterm or a religious obligation.

  • Quiz 1 has average score 15.1 out of max 20. Here is quiz 1 solution.
  • Comments from our TA: The students had the most trouble with the following questions:
    1. Q1. many students seemed to either guess the answer, or a common answer was D) neither
    2. Q3. many students either guessed or tried to cancel out terms instead of taking the highest power in the numerator and denominator
    3. Q4b) instead of calculating the time, many students simply halved the value from a), the maximal activation level, to try to get the time at which it reaches half maximal activation level
    4. Q7. the question was pretty well done overall but a common mistake was misplacing the limit notation, for example not writing it in before the expression containing x or continuing to write it even after they had evaluated the limit.

  • Quiz 1 will be held in the last 15 minutes of Friday, Septemer 23. It covers materials from week 1 to the content of WebWork 2. Its format is similar to this quiz template.

  • Office hours:   Tue 10:30-11:50am, Wed 11:00-11:50am, Thu 2:00-2:50pm, and by appointment (Tsai's schedule).

  • The Math Learning Centre (MLC) starts operation today, Monday-Friday, 11am- 6pm. The MLC is a space for undergraduate students to study math together, with friendly support from tutors, who are graduate and undergraduate students in the math department.

  • Copiesmart has informed us that a complete printout of the course notes will cost students $23.50 tax included. It is located in the UBC village next to the food court.

  • Welcome to MATH 102 Section 103 !
    Check this page frequently regarding any announcement for the section.