58th Cascade Topology Seminar

6-7 May 2017.

UBC, Vancouver,

For enquiries, email Ben Williams at tbjw+58cascade@math.ubc.ca.


Henry Adams

Colorado State University

Jonathan Beardsley

University of Washington

Eugene Gorsky

University of California, Davis

Thomas Koberda

University of Virginia

Akhil Mathew

Harvard University

Mona Merling

Johns Hopkins University


Housing Options

Housing at UBC during the academic term is regrettably expensive, although the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Canadian goes some way toward offsetting this.

  • West Coast Suites are the on-campus hotel option.
  • St John's College is a residential college on campus with a limited number of guest rooms. Please be sure to mention the Cascade Topology Seminar if attempting to book one of them.
  • The Carey Centre is another on-campus option.
  • St Andrew's College offers summer accommodation at reasonable rates. Be warned that there is a two-night minimum stay.


Limited support will be available for PhD students and Postdocs to offset the cost of accommodation. Please email me at the address above, stating your name, affiliation, advisor (if a PhD student) and whether you want accommodation for the 6th only or both the 5th and 6th, or in exceptional cases, something else.