Math 527 (427)

Course Information


The textbook for this course is Algebraic Topology by Hatcher.

Other books that cover some of the material of this course include


This is a graduate course in algebraic topology, the aim of which is introduce homology and cohomology of topological spaces and the use of these invariants. We will also cover a great deal of homological algebra and some category theory. Here is a pdf course syllabus.

Office hours are by appointment in MATX 1203.


Homework 1

Homework 1 is due in class on Friday 25 September.

Homework 2

Homework 2 is due in class on Friday 9 October.

Homework 3

Homework 3 is due in class on Friday 23 October.

Homework 4

The Midterm is due before 5pm on Tuesday 10 November. You may not collaborate with anyone on this midterm, although you may discuss it with me. It will be weighted a little more heavily than the other homework when I assign grades.

Homework 5

The Homework 5 is due in class on Monday 23 November.



A take-home midterm will take the place of the fourth homework assignment.


A take-home final will take the place of the last homework assignment..