Math 308

Course Information


Most of the course information can be found in the pdf course outline.

As we go through the course, I will update this overview of material.

Course Notes

Scanned course notes are available here. Note that notes from lectures 1, 3-5 will not appear here, for various reasons.


The only textbook listed for this course is a (translation of) Euclid's elements. The 1908 translation by Sir Thomas Heath is now in the public domain, and various editions are available, besides the one available in the bookstore. Other books and materials that may be useful during the term will be listed here.

  • An online, annotated version of the Elements.
  • Geometry: Euclid and Beyond by Robin Hartshorne. This is a superb book. Unfortunately, the physical copy seems to be missing from the UBC Library (or was when I checked). You should have access to the ebook though.
  • The GeoGebra computer environment for Euclidean geometry is good for exploring.
  • Based on the previous environment, a Euclidean golf game, where the aim is to make certain constructions as efficiently as possible (or at all).


Homework 1 is due in class on 21 September. There is not much to it.

Homework 2 is due in class on 7 October.

Historical Background

Greeks & Their Predecessors

The slides from the first lecture.