I have had the pleasure of writing with Sami Assaf, Mike Atkinson, Farzin Barekat, Nantel Bergeron, Christine Bessenrodt, Lou Billera, Andrew Brown, Soojin Cho, Samantha Dahlberg, Richard Ehrenborg, Angele Foley (was Hamel), Jim Haglund, Sam Hsiao, Ron King, Kurt Luoto,  Toph Marshall, Sarah Mason, Peter McNamara, Stefan Mykytiuk, Rebecca Patrias, Goetz Pfeiffer, Kevin Purbhoo, Vic Reiner, Kristin Shaw, Adrian She, Frank Sottile, Vasu TewariHugh Thomas, Foster Tom, Trevor Welsh and Mike Zabrocki.

Publications (in reverse chronological order)

These papers are all pdf files. If you cannot read them, please let me know and I will send you a hardcopy.

  1. An introduction to quasisymmetric Schur functions - Hopf algebras, quasisymmetric functions, and Young composition tableaux (with Kurt Luoto and Stefan Mykytiuk), Springer (2013).

    Refereed journal

  1. Slide multiplicity free key polynomials (with Soojin Cho), 16pp (2020).

  2. Chromatic posets (with Samantha Dahlberg and Adrian She), 30pp (2020).

  3. Skew key polynomials and a generalized Littlewood--Richardson rule (with Sami Assaf), 18pp (2019).



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    Refereed conference with content not covered by an above journal article if there is a link

  48. Skew key polynomials and the key poset (with Sami Assaf), FPSAC 2019.

  49. Schur-positivity of equitable ribbons (with Foster Tom), FPSAC 2018.

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  58. Technical reports with content not covered by an above journal article

  59. The descent algebras of Coxeter groups, PhD thesis, St Andrews University Technical Report, CS/97/9.

  60. The p-modular descent algebras of the hyperoctahedral group and dihedral groups, St Andrews University Technical Report CS/96/1.

Selected Honours

2019 Plenary speaker, Joint Mathematics Meeting Current Events Bulletin.

2018 Simons CRM Professor, Centre de Recherches Mathematiques.

2017 Krieger-Nelson Prize, Canadian Mathematical Society.

2016 Plenary speaker, AMS Spring Western Sectional Meeting.

2015 Plenary speaker, FPSAC 2015.

2013-2014 Renewed Research Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

2008-2009 Humboldt Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

2007-2008 Killam Teaching Award (Science), Izaak Walton and Dorothy Killam Endowment Fund.

2006 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Bucknell University USA.

2004 Peter Wall IAS Early Career Scholar, Peter Wall IAS.

2002-2007 University Faculty Award, NSERC.

1997-2000 Leverhulme Trust Study Abroad Scholar, Leverhulme Trust.

1997 Russell Trust Award, Russell Trust.

Brief Career

2012- Professor, UBC, Canada.

2007-2012 Associate Professor, UBC, Canada.

2002-2007 Assistant Professor, UBC, Canada.

2000-2002 Visiting Assistant Professor, Cornell, USA.

1998-2000 Postdoc, York University, Canada.

1998 PhD, St Andrews University, Scotland.

1994 BSc Hons, St Andrews University, Scotland.

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