Discrete Mathematics
The discrete mathematics group consists of Richard AnsteeJoel Friedman, Andrew Rechnitzer, Jozsef Solymosi, Steph van Willigenburg.

Others in the department whose research connects to discerte mathematics include Omer Angel, Jim Bryan, Izabella Laba, Brian Marcus, Zinovy Reichstein, Lior Silberman.

Discrete Mathematics Courses 2013-2014

Term 1 MATH 340: Introduction to Linear Programming J. Solymosi
Term 1 MATH 443: Graph Theory
R. Anstee
Term 2
MATH 340: Introduction to Linear Programming O. Yilmaz
Term 2 MATH 342: Algebra Coding Theory and Cryptography B. Marcus
Term 2 MATH 441: Mathematical Modeling: Discrete Optimization
Term 2
MATH 523: Combinatorial Optimization
J. Friedman

The outline for the Graduate Course Math 503: Discrete Mathematics.


The focus of this seminar will be to give talks in discrete maths accessible to grad students that introduce the speaker's subject, before moving onto their specific area and closing on open problems in that area.

Place:  ESB 4133 at PIMS
Time: Tuesday 4-5pm (coffee and cookies from 3.45pm)
Details: Please look at the Events page here.

 If you would like to speak or suggest a speaker please email andrewr (at math splotch ubc splotch ca)

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