Workshop on Additive Combinatorics

April 6-12, 2006


Part of the second semester of the Analysis in Number Theory 2005-2006 Theme Year at the Centre de recherche mathématiques

Université de Montréal



Key lecturers


Jean Bourgain (IAS, Princeton ),

W. Timothy Gowers (Cambridge),

Ben Green (Bristol),

Imre Z. Ruzsa (Alfréd Rényi Institute),

Terence Tao (UCLA).




Andrew Granville (Montréal) and Jozsef Solymosi (UBC)




The topics covered will include: the Freiman-Ruzsa theorem, the structure of set theory addition, Gowers' approach to Szemeredi's theorem and Green and Tao's approach to combinatorial sets with structure. A mini-school will be organized before this workshop to introduce more people to this vibrant subject. More information will be made available on this site.

School on Additive Combinatorics

March 30 April 5, 2006

Introductory lecturers, and organizers :
Jozsef Solymosi (UBC) and Andrew Granville (Montreal)

Key Lecturers :

Ben Green (Bristol) : Quadratic fourier analysis
Bryna Kra (Northwestern) : Ergodic methods in combinatorial number theory
Terry Tao (UCLA) : Combinatorial and ergodic techniques for proving Szemeredi-type theorems
Van H. Vu (UCSD) : Structure of sumsets and applications

Guest lecturers : Tim Gowers (Cambridge), Imre Ruzsa (Alfred Renyi Institute)




Analysis in Number Theory, 2005-2006 Theme Year

Number Theory Web of Keith Matthews




DOCCOURSE - Modern Ramsey Theory (at Charles University, Prag, Organized by the DIMATIA) February, 2005

Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory, CANT 2005 (Celebration of Mel Nathanson's 60th birthday.)

Integers Conference (Celebration of Ron Graham's 70th birthday.) October 27-30, 2005

Bristol/LMS Workshop on Additive Combinatorics (Ben Green.) September 5-9, 2005


Notes related to additive number theory


Terry Tao, Ben Green, Fan Chung, Van Vu, Ernie Croot, Seva Lev, Tim Gowers, Paul P. Pollack.