Math 320, Sep-Dec 2019, G. Slade (Sec. 101) and A. Fraser (Sec. 102)

The Course Outline contains information about text, topics, grading.

Office hours:
Section 101: with Gordon Slade in MATX 1211: Monday 16:00-16:50, Wednesday 13:00-13:50, Friday 11:00-11:50.
Section 102: with Ailana Fraser in MATX 1226: Monday 13:00-13:50, Wednesday 12:00-12:50, Friday 10:00-10:50.
Both sections: with Nicholas Lai in SCRF 200: Tuesday 12:00-13:30; with Nicholas Hu in SCRF 204A: Thursday 10:30-12:00.
Location of SCRF 204A (SCRF 200 is in the same building).

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Putnam competition:
If you enjoy mathematical challenges, creative thinking, and problem solving, consider checking out UBC's Putnam practice sessions. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 17th at 11:00am, in room LSK 462. The Putnam sessions themselves will take place every Tuesday during the semester, at the same time and place. If you are interested or would like more details (including the weekly list of problems we'll be discussing during the Putnam practice sessions), check out this link for more information:

Instructions for assignment submission:
1) Solutions should be well-crafted and written in complete English sentences. Work will be graded both on accuracy and on the quality of exposition. Solutions must always be legible; use of LaTeX is encouraged and appreciated.
2) Theorems stated in the text and proved in class do not need to be reproved. Other statements should be justified rigorously.
3) Please staple your pages together when you submit your assignment.
An article by Francis Edward Su has good advice about how to write mathematics.

Assignment 1 (out Sep 6, due Sep 13) Solutions
Assignment 2 (out Sep 13, due Sep 20) Solutions
Assignment 3 (out Sep 20, due Sep 27) Solutions
Assignment 4 (out Sep 27, due Oct 4) Solutions
Test 1 (Oct 9) Solutions
Assignment 5 (out Oct 11, due Oct 18) Solutions
Assignment 6 (out Oct 18, due Oct 25) Solutions
Assignment 7 (out Oct 25, due Nov 1) Solutions
Assignment 8 (out Nov 1, due Nov 8) Solutions
Test 2 (Nov 13) Solutions
Assignment 9 (out Nov 15, due Nov 22) Solutions