Math 318, Jan-Apr 2017, G. Slade

The Course Outline contains information about text, topics, grading.

Office hours with G. Slade in MATX 1211: Monday 16:00-16:50, Wednesday 13:00-13:50, Friday 10:00-10:50.
Office hours with Saraí Hernández-Torres in BUCH B216: Thursday 12:30-13:50.

Octave resources are available here. You should instal Octave on your computer as soon as possible (or MATLAB if you prefer).

Assignment 1 (out Jan 6, due Jan 13) Solutions
Assignment 2 (out Jan 13, due Jan 20) Solutions
Assignment 3 (out Jan 20, due Jan 27) Solutions
Assignment 4 (out Jan 27, due Feb 3) Solutions
Test 1 (Feb 8) Solutions
Assignment 5 (out Feb 10, due Feb 17) Solutions
Assignment 6 (out Feb 17, due Mar 3) Solutions
Assignment 7 (out Mar 3, due Mar 10) Solutions
Assignment 8 (out Mar 10, due Mar 17) Solutions
Test 2 (Mar 22) Solutions
Assignment 9 (out Mar 24, due Mar 31) Solutions

On tests and the final exam you will be provided with tables and, when appropriate, Student-T table.
Example for the Student-T table: If T has 3 degrees of freedom then P(T<2.353)=0.95 and P(|T|<2.353) = 0.9.

Recommended, fun, and accessible general reading about probability: Struck by Lightning by J.S. Rosenthal, and The Improbability Principle by D.J. Hand.

Gaussian distribution on the German 10 mark note.

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