Math 303, Jan-Apr 2015, G. Slade

The Course Outline contains information about text, topics, grading.

Office hours with G. Slade in MATX 1211: Monday 15:00-15:50, Wednesday 13:00-13:50, Friday 10:00-10:50.

Office hours with Benjamin Wallace in the Math Learning Centre: Thursdays 12:30-15:30 (starting January 15).
There are TAs available whenever the MLC is open, and in addition to Benjamin Wallace there are other TAs who can help with probability questions; the schedule will be posted on the MLC website.

Assignment 1 (out Jan 9, due Jan 16) Solutions
Assignment 2 (out Jan 16, due Jan 23) Solutions
Assignment 3 (out Jan 23, due Jan 30) Solutions
Assignment 4 (out Jan 30, due Feb 6) Solutions
Test 1 (Feb 11) Solutions
Assignment 5 (out Feb 13, due Feb 27) Solutions
Assignment 6 (out Feb 27, due Mar 6) Solutions
Assignment 7 (out Mar 6, due Mar 13) Solutions
Assignment 8 (out Mar 13, due Mar 20) Solutions
Test 2 (Mar 25) Solutions
Assignment 9 (out Mar 27, due Wed Apr 8) Solutions

A good reference for random walks is the book: Random Walks and Electric Networks by Doyle and Snell.

References for self-avoiding walks and pivot algorithm:
Pivot algorithm simulations and more at Nathan Clisby's website.
G. Slade. Self-avoiding walks. The Mathematical Intelligencer 16:29--35, (1994). PDF file .
Chapter 9 of N. Madras and G. Slade, The Self-Avoiding Walk , Birkhäuser, Boston, (1996) (can be downloaded from UBC library).

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