MATH 101

Course Information
Math 101, Section 201
Lectures M W F 10:00 am
Room 100, Mathematics Building

Instructor Information
Instructor: Denis Sjerve
Office: Room 107, Mathematics Building
Office Hours: 11:00-12:00 MWF or by appointment
Phone: (604)-822-2714

Online Course Material
  • AIM

  • MathSheet

  • Instructions for MathSheet

  • (pdf 25K) Course outline (sixth edition)

  • (pdf 25K) Course outline (fifth edition)

  • (pdf 39K) Course Information

  • Information on the final exam

  • Suggested Problems

  • Solutions to suggested problems from Varberg and Fleming

  • Solutions to suggested problems from Adams

  • (pdf 34K)A Table of Integrals

  • Demonstrations
    This link (RiemannSums) RiemannSums

    Other Sites
  • Math 102

  • Math 103

  • AMS Tutoring Service

  • AMS Exam Data Base

  • Polynomial graphing tool

  • The Official Textbook
  • Single Variable Calculus, Early Transcendentals, sixth edition

  • Homework

  • Assignment #1 (pdf 39K)
  • Assignment #1 Solutions (pdf 52K)
  • Assignment #2 (pdf 50K)
  • Assignment #2 Solutions (pdf 70K)
  • Assignment #3 (pdf 47K)
  • Assignment #3 Solutions (pdf 58K)
  • Assignment #4 (pdf 59K)
  • Assignment #4 Solutions (pdf 75K)
  • Assignment #6 (pdf 34K)
  • Assignment #6 Solutions (pdf 50K)
  • Assignment #7 (pdf 35K)
  • Assignment #7 Solutions (pdf 52K)
  • Assignment #8 (pdf 39K)
  • Assignment #8 Solutions (pdf 50K)
  • Assignment #9 (pdf 40K)

  • Midterms

  • Midterm #1(pdf 53K)
  • Solutions to Midterm #1(pdf 53K)
  • Midterm #2(pdf 50K)
  • Solutions to Midterm #2(pdf 49K)
  • Review Material

  • Applications(pdf 82K)
  • Area(pdf 75K)
  • Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (pdf 71K)
  • Partial Fractions(pdf 37K)
  • Substitution(pdf 58K)
  • Special Sums(pdf 96K)
  • Probability Questions (pdf 46K)
  • Probability Solutions (pdf 62K)

    Online survey
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