Math 184 Workshops


Please contact Brett, the Head TA, at regarding any workshop issues and not your instructor. Please note taht this does not include registration concerns.

Students must attend the workshop they are registered for. For any registration questions, students should talk with the math office.

Workshop solutions are posted every Friday and can be found HERE.

This course will need your attention early and often. Experience has shown that the workshops are enjoyed by students and they benefit from the learning experience. The workshops are not a replacement for homework but will hopefully equip you with the tools to study more effectively. Attendance is mandatory with 10% of the course grade based on the workshops.

The workshops should help you to judge in advance what is a suitable solution method. And after solving a problem, you should be more able to judge if the solution makes sense. Make the most of this experience. We have identified that the activity of students working on problems, asking questions of themselves as they go forward, working with others, carefully writing solutions are all very useful activities especially when assisted by our able TA's.

Activities in workshops.

During the workshops the students will be

  1. actively thinking about and solving problems involving calculus
  2. practicing doing calculations
  3. interacting with peers to solve problems involving Mathematics
  4. receiving feedback to help them identify and work on correcting possible weaknesses

Learning Goals for workshops.

From the activities in the workshops students will be able to:

  1. after reading a problem, be able to correctly state in their own words what the problem is asking and what information is given that is needed in order to solve the problem.
  2. after restating the problem, be able to identify which mathematical techniques and concepts are needed to find the solution.
  3. be able to apply those techniques and concepts and correctly perform the necessary algebraic steps to obtain a solution.