Each week there will be an online homework set. This corresponds to 10% of your final grade which will be taken by computing the average of you best 10 scores. Note that this includes the ceiling value of your Diagnostic Test, but excludes the 10 problem review assignment for Midterm 1. You will be able to access this directly by going to:


WeBWorK uses your CWL and password as a login.

Webwork homework is released every Friday at 6:00a and due 10 days later at 11:00p on Monday. Note that the intent of homework is to help you learn the material, and therefore it should be done as you are studying and not all on the last day.

Attempt to solve all the WebWork problems without an electronic aid. You can input answers in "calculator-ready" form. It's normal to get help from your classmates, instructor, piazza, WolframAlpha, etc. Read your textbook and notes as you work through the problems to find relevant formulas and examples. Don't wait until the last minute to start working on the WeBWorK problems.

Tip: It is strongly recommended that you keep a separate Math Journal. Your math journal should be used to:

Please use Piazza as the main resource for help course material and especially webwork-related questions. Please use the "e-mail instructor" button in webwork *only* if the question is not answered on Piazza, and you posted it and did not receive an answer in a timely fashion.