First year can be an overwhelming experience for many students. If you find yourself having serious academic difficulties in this course, it is best to talk to your instructor as soon as you can.

On this page you can find some useful FREE resources to assist you with your learning.

Math Learning Centre:

There is a Math Learning Centre in LSK 301 and 302. Graduate student TAs are there to help you during the day: Monday to Friday 11:00a to 6:00p.

AMS Free Tutoring:

Your Student Society offers free tutoring services.


All sections of Math 104/184 share a Piazza page for course discussions: Click Here

Mathematics Stackexchange

Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for more advanced questions. People studying math at any level and professionals in related fields use it regularly: Click Here

Old Exams

Supplementary textbooks


A note about WeBWorK/Homework and software: there will be many problems in Webwork which requires thinking and which a computer cannot do; for the more mechanical ones that it can do, if you just use the software and copy the answers, it detracts from your learning.

You might get a few extra points for the webwork problem, but you'll certainly lose much more on the exam for not developing and maintaining those skills. So use this powerful software to your advantage (to help you visualize the objects we study, and to learn), not to your disadvantage (to cheat on Webwork). Remember that 80 - 90% of your final grade will be allocated to quizzes, a test, and the final examination without software or a calculator!

Desmos: is a the next generation graphing calculator. It is very powerful, user-friendly, and free.

Wolfram|Alpha : it is a very powerful tool for almost anything mathematical that you'd need for this course. If you want to visualize, for example, the surface x^2+xy-y^2+3z=0, just type in "plot (x^2+xy-y^2+3z=0)". If you purchase the app for your phone it can also show you step-by-step solutions. Here is a short youtube video about how to use Wolfram|Alpha in calculus.

Geogebra: is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. You may also want to Google search for "geogebra calculus applets" and check out some of them. If find great ones, please post the link onto Piazza.

Sage: is a very powerful mathematical software package. It is open source and hence free. For an online tutorial in using Sage click here.

Additional Calculus Resources

Note: If we are missing a useful website, please email the IIC to have it added to the list.