We will use Piazza for course related questions. This is a newsgroup like message board where students can go online and post questions that your fellow students and instructors can answer. Please post course questions on Piazza.

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     Access Code: W16-104-184
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Pleaes note that the default setting from Piazza is to email you when new posts have been made. You can turn off this feature in the settings tab of your account.

For more personal matters, please email your instructor with following ettiquite in mind: UBC E-mail Etiquette.

The Piazza tool is stored on servers outside Canada. While Piazza adheres to strict U.S. privacy regulations (FERPA), UBC cannot guarantee security of your private details on servers outside of Canada. Please exercise caution whenever using personal information. You may wish to use a pseudonym and alternate email address to protect your privacy if you have concerns.

Here a screen shot of a Piazza page.