Sebastián Barbieri Lemp

I'm currently a postdoc in University of British Columbia until 08/2019.

My research interests are: symbolic dynamics, dynamical systems, tilings, substitutions, computability, group theory and cellular automata.

My CV can be found clicking here.
PIMS office 4218
2207 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC
V6T 174.



  • A notion of effectiveness for subshifts on finitely generated groups. [pdf][doi] in Theoretical Computer Science 2017, With Nathalie Aubrun and Mathieu Sablik.
  • A generalization of the simulation theorem for semidirect products. [pdf][doi] in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 2018, With Mathieu Sablik.
  • (To appear in Groups, Geometry and Dynamics) Realization of aperiodic subshifts and densities in groups. [pdf], With Nathalie Aubrun and Stéphan Thomassé.
International Conferences:

  • The domino problem for self-similar structures.[pdf][doi] in Computing in Europe 2016, With Mathieu Sablik.
  • The group of reversible Turing machines.[pdf][doi] in AUTOMATA 2016, With Jarkko Kari and Ville Salo.

  • A geometric simulation theorem on direct product of finitely generated groups [pdf]
  • A hiearchy of topological systems with completely positive entropy [pdf], with Felipe García-Ramos.
Book chapters:

  • About the Domino Problem for Subshifts on Groups. Chapter 9 in Sequences, Groups, and Number Theory. [doi] With Nathalie Aubrun and Emmanuel Jeandel.
Work in progress:

  • A long version of the Automata paper "The group of reversible Turing machines". With Jarkko Kari and Ville Salo.
  • A study of automorphism groups of algebraic subshifts. This is work in progress with many people.
  • Reinterpreting Highman's embedding theorem in dynamical terms.
  • The domino problem for surface groups, and more generally, for hyperbolic groups. This is work in progress with Nathalie Aubrun and Etienne Moutot.
  • A project to translate DLR equations to larger classes of group actions.
Thesis and Memoires:

  • Shift spaces on groups: computability and dynamics[pdf], PhD Thesis at ENS de Lyon, June 2017.
  • Tilings on different structures: exploration towards two problems.[pdf], Mémoire de M2 de l'ENS de Lyon, June 2014.
  • Subshifts generados por sustituciones multidimensionales.[pdf], Memoria ingeniería Universidad de Chile, July 2014.


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