MATH 100:701 Differential Calculus (Vantage College)


  • Homework 2 is available
  • The first homework assignment is available, see below. The online part accessible throught Canvas -> WebWork link opens on Friday at 9
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  • Additional reading and many practice problems in the CLP textbooks
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Basic Information

  • Full Syllabus
  • Lecture and discussions:
    • Lecture: W 11-12 in AERL 120
    • Discussions: MF 9-10 in ORCH 4018, V1B. MF 9-10 in GEOG 214, V1C. MF 2-3 in MATH 104, V1D. MF 2-3 in MATH 202
  • Instructor: Sven Bachmann
  • Contact:, office hours: Wednesdays 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • Graduate TAs: Lydia Chen, Sarai Hernandez Torres and Mingfeng Qiu, office hours: Mondays 5-6 in LSK 300
  • Undergraduate TAs: Fengpeng (Patrick) Huang, Ziyao Zhou, Ella Chan, Lingtong (Tony) Xu
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Lecture notes

  • We will follow these and these online notes, up to some reordering.

Homework Assignments

Sheet Number Due Date Solution
Homework 1 September 20, 2019
Homework 2 September 27, 2019

Weekly lecture summaries
Week 3 Limits at infinity. Definition; basic examples; Sequences and their limits; The bounded monotone convergence theorem. CLP-1, Section 1.5 and CLP-2, Section 3.1. Notes
Week 2 Limits of real-valued functions. Definition; basic examples; Arithmetics of limits; Left and right limits; Infinite limits; The squeeze theorem. CLP-1, Sections 1.1-1.4, 1.7. Notes
Week 1 Introduction. Basics of mathematical notations; Functions. CLP-1, Chapter 0