Math 221 (Section 205): Matrix Algebra, Spring 2018

Lecture notes

Lecture: MWF 9:00-10:00, Chemistry Building Room D200
Instructor: Samuel Bach
Office Hours: Wednesday 12-13, Thursday 13-14 in LSK Room 300
Textbook: Linear Algebra and its Applications by David C. Lay (revised custom edition for UBC); we will cover nearly all of the book. Other editions of the book will have more chapters and different section numbering!

Additional help is available at the Math Learning Center
Grading: Grades in this class will be computed from homework (see below), two in-class midterms, and a final exam. Your grade will be whichever of the two numbers below are higher:
Homework: Homework in this class will be online, through the WeBWork system. One assignment will be posted each week, due the following week as noted on the lecture schedule.
  1. You may attempt each question as often as you like until you solve the problem. There is no penalty for a wrong answer. This is to help you correct your own mistakes, and to get instant feedback on your attempts.
  2. The questions are generated randomly, and the numbers are different for each student.
  3. Please try to do the problems by yourself, and without the use of other calculators or software. Since calculators and software are not allowed in the exams, you should practice working without them.
  4. If you really get stuck, you can request help by clicking the email instructor button. However, it may take some time to get a response, so please don't wait till the last minute.
  5. In general, its a good idea to start the assignments early rather than waiting till the last minute. The deadlines are enforced by the system, and it will shut down automatically when time is up, so give yourself plenty of extra time in case of problems.
Note that the textbook also has many practice problems with answers in the back. It is recommended that you try all these problems, so that you may track your understanding.

Midterm 1 is on Wednesday February 7. It will cover the material in Chapter 1 of the textbook (until Lecture 11); exercises within the lecture notes are good preparation, especially Lecture 7. Here is a past midterm for practice, and its solutions. Here is a more difficult one without solutions. It also covers a little bit too much.
Practice exercises
Study guide

Midterm 2 is scheduled for Wednesday March 21. It will be on the material we've covered in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the book. Here is a past midterm for practice, and its solutions.

The final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25 at noon, in SWNG 121. This will cover all material from the entire semester. The math department website has an archive of past exams (but without solutions); there is a UBC wiki that has solutions to some.