Math 215 Section 201, 2017

  • Our Class is going to meet on MWF at 10 am in LSK 200.

  • The office hours for this section are set. They are: Mondays from 11:00am to noon and also from 1pm to 2pm and Wednesdays from 11am to noon in my office, LSK 303 D. But you are more than welcome to ask questions whenever you see me in my office.

  • To view the course outline and information about the course, please visit the instructor in Charge, Prof. Wayne Nagata's website click here.

  • The homework assignments are going to be given on the Instructor In Charge's webpage. The policies on his website on how to submit homework and how the homeworks are marked are also the same for the our section too. To view the homework assignments, you can click here.

  • The lecture notes are also going to be posted on this website. I will try to give lots of details on the lecture notes, but still if there is anything unclear or if you have questions about the lecture notes, please mail me. I would like to improve the notes as the class goes. Please also note that the current set of lecture notes are going to be updated regularly, till I start a new set of lecture notes.

    To download the first set of lecture notes, click here.
    To download the second set of lecture notes, click here.