Z. Reichstein, D. Rogalski , J. J. Zhang, Projectively simple rings , Advances in Math. 203, Issue 2, Pages 365-407

Abstract: We introduce the notion of a projectively simple ring, which is an infinite-dimensional graded k-algebra A such that every 2-sided ideal has finite codimension in A (over the base field k). Under some (relatively mild) additional assumptions on A, we reduce the problem of classifying such rings (in the sense explained in the paper) to the following purely geometric question, which we believe to be of independent interest.

Let X is a smooth irreducible projective variety. An automorphism f: X -> X is called wild if it X has no proper f-invariant subvarieties. We conjecture that if X admits a wild automorphism then X is an abelian variety. We prove several results in support of this conjecture; in particular, we show that the conjecture is true if X is a curve or a surface. In the case where X is an abelian variety, we describe all wild automorphisms of X.

In the last two sections we show that if A is projectively simple and admits a balanced dualizing complex, then Proj(A) is Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein.

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