Mathematics 342, Algebra and Coding theory, Section 201

Term 2, 2018. TTh 9:30 - 10:50 in LSK 460

  • Textbook : Raymond Hill, A first course in coding theory, Oxford University Press

  • Course description : Math 342 is an introduction to abstract algebra and error-correcting codes. Both proof and algorithmic techniques will be emphasized. Topics will include coding and decoding schemes, finite fields, vector spaces over finite fields, linear codes, syndrome decoding, Hamming codes, coding bounds, BCH codes and Reed-Solomon codes.

  • Registration : Questions regarding registering for this class, switching sections, etc., should be addressed to the Mathematics Department office staff, Rm. 121 Mathematics Building.
  • Homework : Homework will be assigned bi-weekly and collected in class. Late homework will NOT be accepted. The lowest homework grade will be dropped. Students are allowed to consult one another concerning homework problems, but solutions submitted for credit must be written by the student in his or her own words. Copying solutions from another student, from the web or from any other source, and turning them in as your own is a violation of the Academic Code.

    Problem Set 1, due Thursday, January 18

  • Evaluation : Course mark will be based on the homework, two midterms and the final exam.

    The total course mark will be the higher of the following:

    Total1 := HW /20 + Midterm1 /20 + Midterm2 /20 + Final /40 or

    Total2 := HW /20 + Best Midterm /20 + Final /60

  • Midterm exams are scheduled for Thursday, February 8 and Thursday, March 15.
  • Missed exam policy: Please make sure you do not make travel plans, work plans, etc., without regard to the examination schedule in this class. There will be no make-up or alternate exams.

    If you miss a midterm, your score will be recorded as 0, unless you have a serious documented reason (an illness, a death in the family, etc.), in which case you should discuss your circumstances with me as soon as possible, in advance of the test. Note that you may still get a 100% in the course, even if you get a score of 0 on one midterm (see the marking scheme above).

    Missed finals are not handled by me or the Mathematics Department. Students with legitimate reasons for missing the final exam should request a ``Standing Deferred" status through their faculty.

  • Students with disabilities : Please see the instructor early in the term if you need any special accommodations.

  • Academic Integrity. The Mathematics Department strictly enforces UBC's Academic Integrity code.