Mathematics 322, Introduction to group theory, Section 101.
September-December 2016, Leonard S. Klinck Building, rm. 460, TuTh 14:00-15:30

  • Main Textbook : Joseph Rotman, Introduction to the Theory of Groups, free electronic copy available through UBC library. You can download a copy by following the link while on the UBC network.

  • Supplementary Texts : The material we will be covering is standard; any book with "group theory" or "abstract algebra" in the title is likely to cover it. In particular, for those students who are interested in looking at other books, in addition to Rotman's, the following optional supplementary texts were used in this course in previous years and contain most of the relevant material.

  • Course description : Math 322-23 is UBC's undergraduate honours abstract algebra sequence. Math 322 is devoted entirely to group theory, with an emphasis on finite groups. The topics I plan to cover are as follows.

  • Homework and exams : Homework assignments will be posted on the course website and collected in class, usually on a biweekly schedule. Late homework will not be accepted. The solutions you turn in should be your own, written in your own words.

    Problem Set 1, due Thursday, September 22.
    Solutions to Problem Set 1.

  • Problem Set 2, due Thursday, October 6.
    Solutions to Problem Set 2.

    Problem Set 3, due Tuesday, October 18.
    Solutions to Problem Set 3.

    Problem Set 4, due Thursday, November 3.
    Solutions to Problem Set 4.

    Problem Set 5, due Tuesday, November 15.
    Solutions to Problem Set 5.

    Problem Set 6, due Thursday, December 1.
    .tex file for Problem Set 6.

  • Exams : There will be two midterms and a final exam. Midterm 1 is scheduled for Thursday, October 20, Midterm 2 for Thursday, November 17, and the final exam for 7pm on Friday, December 16.

    Midterm 1 syllabus and practice problems.

    Solutions to practice problems for Midterm 1.

    Midterm 1

    Solutions to Midterm 1

    Midterm 2 syllabus and practice problems.

    Solutions to practice problems for Midterm 2.

    Midterm 2

    Solutions to Midterm 2

  • Evaluation : I will compute the total term mark in two ways,

    Total 1 := Homework (20%) + Midterm 1 (20%) + Midterm 2 (20%) + Final exam (40%), and

    Total 2 := Homework (20%) + Best midterm (20%) + Final exam (60%),

    and use the higher of these two numbers.