MATH 105, Section 205, 2014 January-April
Instructor: Balazs Rath

How to prepare for the Final Exam?

Check the INFO about the Final Exam posted on the common webpage of our MATH105 course by the Instructor in Charge.

What to read?

Reading is fine, but you should focus on solving plenty of practice problems!
If you cannot solve a practice problem, read the relevant section of the textbook.
Note that the webpage with my scanned lecture notes also indicates the pages in the textbook corresponding to each topic.
Also, the examples in the book are different than the ones that we covered in class, so you might want to take a look at both the book and the lecture notes for a diverse source of examples.

How to practice for the Final Exam?

The best way for you to prepare for the final exam is to do one or more rehearsals: print a past final exam and solve it!
Past MATH105 final exams with solutions can be found online at the Math Exam Resources (MER) wiki page .
If you scroll down, you'll find that the questions are also arranged according to topic, so you can pick those that you want to practice the most.
Solve the sample Final Exam posted on the common webpage by the Instructor in Charge of our MATH105 course.
The solutions are there at the end of the same pdf file, but first try to solve it yourself!
The full list of practice problems can be found on the bottom of the common webpage of the MATH105 course.
Note that the final solution of odd-numbered textbook exercises can be found at the end of the textbook.
Also, some of these practice problems are already posted and solved on our Piazza forum.
Take a look at the solutions of our quizzes.
Available help and resources
Sleep well before final exam, because it will be long and exhausting.